Social Media Marketing

We conduct sophisticated social marketing promotional campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and more.

Promotion on Social Media is one of the best methods for establishing and increasing brand recognition on the web. The main feature of this type of promotional campaign is our ability to accurately determine our client’s target audience.

Our Social Media (SM) Promotional plans include the following:

  • Planning a Promotional Strategy
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Preparing Advertising Messages
  • Campaign Management
  • Obtaining New Recipients
  • Organization of Contests
  • Creating Engaging Contests
  • Ongoing optimization of All Promotional Activities
social media promotion


Increase your company's recognition
Social Media promotions create your “brand” and allows specific access to your ideal potential clients.
Gain Valuable Feedback
Social Media marketing allows you to find out who your potential clients are, what they like, what age they are, etc. For many companies, this information alone is priceless.
Increase You Customer Loyalty
By maintaining regular communication with your clients, you increase their attachment to your brand, easily, inexpensively, and effectively.
Obtain New Clients and Customers
Social Media promotional campaigns, when done well, will dramatically increase your client and customer base. This means growth and more profitability for your business.


Analysis of promotion's potential
Preparing individual advertising strategy
Design and implementation of advertising creations
Analysis and optimization of the promotion activities

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