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We are currently running several Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns for clients. From the popular AdWords campaigns in Google search engine, to display (banner) campaigns, as well as remarketing promotional campaigns. Our service includes:

  1. Creating AdWords account
  2. Analyzing and choosing the most profitable keywords
  3. Setting up campaign, preparing advertisements
  4. Setting specific goals on the website (conversion)
  5. 5.Optimizing promotion campaign for increased conversion


AdWords are the most familiar and popular type of PPC, (pay-per-click) promotional internet marketing. We can fully support, maintain and maximize results from this type of campaign. We begin by creating an account and specifying the client’s budget, then we analyze the phrases to find the most used and profitable. Then we research the competition. Once we start an AdWords promotion campaign we constantly monitor the results to fine-tune and optimize effectiveness. We focus on results, maximizing website visits while setting the right price per click.


Banner campaigns


Display marketing, also known as banner ads, are a standard in website internet marketing for larger businesses, whether brick and mortar, digital or both. We’ve been doing this type of promotion for several years. A traditional “advertisement” , in digital form, with images, logos and and text, encouraging viewers to interact, is the standard format. We have graphic designers and copywriters on our team who are experts at maximizing display ad designs for the most effect and the most return for your investment.

Remarketing campaigns

We offer remarketing promotions, but you may not know what that is. Most people outside the SEO services industry don’t. In short, it’s a method of targeting ads for your company to viewers who’ve already visited your website. We can narrow those ads to an even greater degree by targeting those who’ve actually shopped for your product, but didn’t complete the process; those potential customers who may be “on the fence”. This is a highly profitable form of digital marketing which is most effective for those websites selling products. This promotion is not ideal for the service oriented trades companies we frequently design and market for. It is, however, another method we have to satisfy our clients and increase their bottom line; by utilizing smart, innovative internet marketing techniques.


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