Website design and full digital marketing campaign

Digital marketing campaign for Rainbow Office Cleaning has been successfully run by us for over one year.

We began by designing a professional website that was meant to encourage potential customers to choose exactly this company to clean their spaces. Then, we conducted the Search Engine Optimization so the website appears on the top of the Google search results. Since we have taken over the campaing, the webpage is still on the top page of the Google search.

We are also proud of Google Maps and Adwords promotion that we have optimized. Because of that, it reaches great results along with lowering the ‘per-click’ price. Altogether, it translates info several queries and phonecalls from the Internet customers per week. Digital marketing campaign of Rainbow Office Cleaning shows that the hard work pays!

What have we done?

Website Design

Website Optimization

Website SEO

Google Maps Promotion

Adwords Campaign






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