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Sites123 is a leader in creating and promoting websites as well as managing Chicago companies’ images on the web. We translate digital marketing techniques into measurable benefits for our clients. The Sites123 team includes specialists in marketing, programming and designing to maximize consumer impressions. Get to know us better!

DIRECTOR [email protected]
(773) 279-5975

Conscientious, meticulous, responsible and gifted with managerial talent, Kacper creates marketing strategies and skillfully manages our client’s campaigns.


LOCAL PROMOTION [email protected]
(773) 279-5902

Paulina is our local promotions specialist. She scrutinizes Google algorithms to maximize our marketing promotion results. She’s also an expert at managing and presenting our clients online image.


Human Resources / Accounting [email protected]
(773) 683-2313

Angie is our extraordinary accountant, responsible for management of finances and day to day operational expenses. She is also instrumental in selection of potential employees and on-boarding new members of our ever expanding team.


Marketing Specialist

Adrian is a veteran SEO marketing guru. He has active campaigns that have been running over five years. His clients tend to stay with us permanently. His innovative ideas are a major reason why our campaigns achieve such dramatic success.


Web Developer

Rafal is a web development ninja with a vast wealth of experience. His knowledge of programming languages and the speed at which he works is nearly superhuman, and occasionally sparks envy among his fellow programmers.


Server Admin/Backend Programmer

Certified programmer, server, apps and network administrator with a Master in Computer Science. Mateusz creates advanced apps, maintains the backup, firewalls and web servers. He’s the technological glue that keeps it all together.


Marketing Specialist

Julia supports marketing campaign we operate for our customers. Her knowledge of new media and new technologies helps us to be up to date in this rapidly changing environment.


Marketing Specialist

The biggest social media enthusiast in our team. Wiktoria is mainly focused on optimizing social media campaigns for our customers.

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