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Companies that operate on local markets are usually small, growing businesses, stores or service outlets. Advertising on the local market is undeniably more effective, and more importantly, cheaper than marketing on the domestic or global market. A campaign promoting a company operating locally is different from the one run by an enterprise operating throughout the country.
Here are 3 tips on what to focus on when promoting your local business online.

Let yourself be found!

Your company website is the most important online marketing investment that you can, and should, make. Outdated and slow websites with unattractive graphic design are actually scaring off your potential customers.

The most important thing is to offer a simple and intuitive navigation of your web page. Ideally, the site should contain several subpages with logically grouped information. This simple trick will make the website more attractive to both Internet users (your potential customers), as well as Google robots.

When creating content for a website, you must definitely avoid copying from other sources, and ensure that the text does not repeat on various subpages of the site. This will help avoid duplicate content, and valuable and unique content will make your website more attractive for the search engine, which in turn can contribute to the increased visibility of your business in organic search results.

Google + Your Business

In the smartphone era, this solution is the absolute minimum. All it takes is Google searching a keyword and one click on the map and voila! The customer is heading your way. This is an obvious and easy solution, but many companies still ignore this.

Your Google My Business (GMB) account should be constantly updated and monitored, because it competes with other businesses in your area. The more information you provide, the more popular it gets and the higher it gets ranked.

Your GMB should contain all possible info:

  • Address;
  • Opening hours;
  • A description of the activity of your business, where you will incorporate your keywords;
  • Contact details.

For some people, valuable and reasonably objective sources of information are opinions and testimonials provided by past or current customers. It is worth asking your clients to write out a few sentences about their experience, so your profile contains as much information as possible.

Build a Community

It is difficult to clearly assess the amount of sales generated through activities in social media. However, it is an unquestionable fact that in today’s world social media are one of the most important information tools through which all Internet users monitor not only the social life of friends, but also their favorite brands, local restaurants, entertainment facilities and many others.

Local businesses have the potential to build a community. Therefore it is vital to engage in local initiatives, support your city, local schools and actively participate in the life of the locals. However, the beginning of such activities should start by creating a Facebook fan page and making yourself visible on Google, both of which ignite the first spark of interest among your future customers.

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