How to run a SEO audit?

Your company offers excellent products or services aptly marketed on the website. It seems like a sure-fire way for success but you’ve noticed that something doesn’t work as intended. Potential customers see your competitors pages first and yours appears somewhere at the bottom of google search if at all. The easiest way to diagnose and remediate the problem of low traffic is to find professional SEO services in Chicago. SEO services encompass wide host of actions with ultimate goal of improving your website visibility and thus make it more likely for customers to visit.

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    Check if there are any big issues

    First step in determining the nature of problems with visibility of your website should consists of resolving technical issues. But worry not, there is no need to painstakingly analyze each and every line of website code. There are plenty of tools available that can help with that task, most popular being those delivered by Google such as Search Console and Analytics.

    • Onsite

    Google Console gives you an insight into indexing, structure and more.  First aspect is arguably the most important as without proper indexing in the search engine, nobody will be able to see your website, ever. As far as structure is concerned, SEO audit should check all of the elements, including page titles and alt attributes, which aren’t particularly useful for visitors but make invaluable reference points for search engines. Another important factor is loading speed as the fastest pages are rewarded by higher rankings.

    • Offsite

    Upon completing onsite SEO audit, you can move to the offsite check that is analysis and boosting of traffic. That part isn’t as straightforward as the onsite part. Using Google Analytics, you can check easily, how much traffic generates page but not how you can improve those results. However, carefully designed backlink strategies and analysis of competition actions may prove useful.

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    Analyze keywords

    If all of the technical issues are already resolved or better yet, you didn’t have any in the first place, you can move to keywords analysis. While searching for relevant information, users type down particular words or phrases that describe best, what they are looking for. But learning, which collocation is the most popular, isn’t only the exercise in statistics. Knowing what and how people look for you can modify content in such a way that your website will rank higher in the search engine and, as result, will garner more organic traffic. And quite simply, more traffic means more business for your company.

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    Check your content

    While keywords are very important for your website visibility, you cannot consider them in detachment from content. Here, you have several aspects to consider. Two of the most important are duplicates and quantity. Duplicate doesn’t seem to be particular problem. Well, you have some text copied from the older version of website or elsewhere, so what. While disclaimers of one type of another usually aren’t an issue as they rely on templates, rest of content may prove more problematic. Search engines punish duplicates by lowering website ranking. But original texts aren’t everything. Keep in mind that they also have to be long enough and useful for users. Following simple rule of thumb any given site should consists of at least two hundred words and preferably more.

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